Bluetooth Microphone WS-669 Karaoke HIFI Speaker


  • Pickup: Condenser
  • Reverb Mode: Echo reverberation
  • Frequency Range: 100Hz-10kHz
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
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This Wireless Bluetooth Microphone WS-669 Karaoke HIFI Speaker is the perfect device to boost your fun at your next gathering or party. This multimedia speaker is one of the best as it comes with some cool features. One of them is the long battery life, enabling you to charge it once and take it to different places without charging. It can save you so much time and effort when you need to set speakers in the middle of your gatherings.

So you can enjoy long hours without worrying about charging it all together with your Wireless Bluetooth Microphone WS-669 Karaoke HIFI Speaker. So when you are hosting karaoke nights, you can easily entertain your friend’s group with long hours of karaoke without worrying about the sound quality. It is your perfect device for all-in-one entertainment. Bluetooth makes it extremely easy to plug in your songs anywhere. You can also connect it to your friend’s devices without fretting about the hassle! To check out other technology products, browse through the NexGen Shop!

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Features of Microphone WS-669:

Pickup Condenser
Reverb Mode Echo reverberation
Frequency Range 100Hz-10kHz
Charging Voltage 5V



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