Beauty Makeup Kit


  • Model: V79666
  • Makeup kit use for child after use no side effect
  • After use not effective skin
  • Glitter color, Mate Color, Gloss Color
  • Its uses is so easy and
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We have the perfect makeup set for your little girls to play with for hours and not tire. Every little girl dreams of having the ideal colorful makeup set and plays the entire day in their rooms. This dream can come to life with this beautiful pink custom multi-part Barbie Beauty Makeup Kit which gives your little girls the ideal setting to hang out with their dolls with their makeup kit.

It has three shoe-shaped parts, which This kit can open to get the different types of makeup products you want. The little girls can close it and carry it with them wherever they go without spilling or breaking the makeup products. The Makeup kit looks extremely pretty when put together and is a centerpiece in any room it is placed. It includes several blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, nails, and nail colors.

This Beauty Makeup Kit is the perfect addition to their toy collection, and you can pick it up today from the NexGen Shop! NexGen Shop has a massive variety of gifts to get your children in the free time of their summer vacations, birthdays, and gifts for every occasion!


  • Model: V79666
  • Makeup kit used for the child after use no side effect
  • After use not effective skin
  • Glitter color, Mate Color, Gloss Color
  • so easy to use

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