Pollo RG6 + Power CCTV Cable Roll Mix Copper Wire is dual cable for CCTV cameras. It is very useful product as it can transfer power and signal in one package. Every time when you install CCTV cameras there is one major problem of delivering Power and transfer signal from cameras to DVR. You have to use separate cables. it does not only adds to your cost but also prone to many faults and errors.

With this Pollo RG6 + Power CCTV Cable Roll Mix Copper Wire, you don’t have to worry about these faults anymore. now this one package caters all your needs. It has China Copper Clad Steel Centre Conductor Core / 75 Ohm / 27% Aluminum Braid that’s why it delivers high speed high quality data without loss and high power with strong insulation. As it is coaxial cable so you get more bandwidth.

This low loss RG 6 Coax Wire is ideal for Satellite / High Definition Cable TV / CATV Installs / Cable Internet Modem.

RG6 Coaxial Cable Specification:                        

  • Inner Conductor (mm): 1.02± 0.01 BC / CCA
  • Dielectric (mm): 4.57± 0.10 FPE / SPE
  • Outer Conductor (mm): 5.1
  • Jacket (mm): 6.9± 0.1 PVC


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