Pollo PLN-UTP6-305P Network Cable Cat.6


• Transmission Data Capacity: 1000Mbps
• Conductor: 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper
• Standard Length : 90m
• Jacket Material PVC
• Temperature Range -20 to

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Pollo PLN-UTP6-305C Network Cable Cat.6 is High speed high quality network cable brought to you by Nexgenshop. It  Has astonishing speed of  1000 Mbps. Which make it perfect to be used for networking. It can be used to transmit internet services to any device or you can set up your own LAN within your territory. it Category 6 cable for networking. It can work temperatures as high as 70 degrees. which makes it perfect to be used outdoor and in harsh weather conditions.

Pollo PLN-UTP6-305C Network Cable Cat.6 comes with 23 AWG solid bare Copper wire. which makes it ideal for high speed networks and industrial networking. There is marking number on it so you don’t have to worry about measuring cable length used. Just not the first marking and then take note of last reading after completion of work and you have exact length of cables used. This features saves time and hassle. Shop this high speed High quality cable from Nexgenshop now.

Transmission Data Capacity 1000Mbps, Conductor Metal 23 AWG Solid Bare
Copper, Jacket Material PVC, Temperature Range -20 ° +70 ° C, Cable Diameter
8.0mm, Frequency Channel Width 250Mhz, Conductor Resistance 9.38 ohm/100m


  • Model:  PLN-UTP6-305P
  • Transmission Data Capacity:  1000Mbps
  • Conductor Metal:  23 AWG Solid Bare Copper
  • Jacket Material:  PVC
  • Insulation:  PE
  • Cold Blend:  No Crock
  • Temperature Range:  -20 ° +70 ° C
  • Cable Diameter : 8.0mm
  • Frequency Channel Width:  250Mhz
  • Conductor Resistance : 9.38 ohm/100m


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