Pods Max Supreme Earphones Price


  • Driver unit: 14.2mm
  • Impedance: 32Ohms
  • Frequency: 20-20Hz
  • Cord length: 120cm
  • Audio jack: Type-C
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The Pods Max Supreme Earphones are the latest entrant in the Pods Supreme Earphones Series. It is time to stand out and feel the real power of music with these earphones. Specially made to deliver an impeccable sound and maximum quality, the Pods Max Supreme Earphones are absolutely the best out there in the market.

Apart from the soothing sound, these headphones are also made to look better. The indefinite curves, the piano, and the stylish finishing surely give out an appealing impression. Moreover, the robust grip keeps them ear-tight, helping prevent the earphones from falling or getting lost. You will now also be able to listen to your favorite tracks with the Type-C connector available in the Pods Max Supreme Earphones.

Equipped with a remote and an in-built microphone, receiving, hanging up, and switching between music has never been easier.


  • These headphones have a driver unit of 14.2mm.
  • They come with an impedance of 32Ohms.
  • You also get a frequency of 20-20Hz.
  • With a cord length of 120 cm, you are able to listen to music comfortable by placing the device on any surface without hesitation.
  • These headphones come with a Type-C audio jack.

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