Outside Inside Freestyle Racket Game Set

  • perfect for toting to the campground or the beach.
  • 7-piece set includes 2 lightweight yet rugged rackets, an inflatable 5″ ball, a 2.25″ foam ball, a badminton birdy, a pump, and a carrying pouch.
  • Includes a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Imported.

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Nowadays, children spend most of their time performing indoor activities like watching TV and using smartphones and similar gadgets, which affect their health and lead to obesity. NexGen has come up with a fantastic product in the shape of outside inside freestyle racket game set, which is enjoyable and beneficial for their health. The Outside Inside Freestyle Racket Game Set includes two rackets, one ball, and three badminton birdies. Firstly it helps to reduce anxiety and improves mental and physical health in children and teenagers. It can also help youngsters acquire critical social skills and define their personalities. It’s a fantastic technique to assist children in developing life skills. Secondly, it keeps children active while also improving their physical stamina and fitness.

Furthermore, it can also help children improve their muscles and bones, and boost their immunity. Also, reduce their risk of ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Moreover, Vitamin D is produced when children are exposed to sunlight and fresh air. Lastly, its lightweight and compact design enable teenagers and children to play anytime anywhere they want, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Features of Outside Inside Freestyle Racket Game Set:

  • 7-piece set is great for the campground or the backyard
  • Includes 2 rackets, a 5″ ball, a 2.25″ foam ball, birdy, and a pump
  • Convenient carrying pouch
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


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