Onten 5131B Mini DisplayPort to HDMI


  • Easily connects with the external displays
  • Supports Full HD video resolution
  • Transmits both audio+video from computer to the big display
  • Triple shielding ensures a stable signal transmission


Undoubtedly, Onten OTN-5131B Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA Adapter solves the problem of the small display. Now, you can also turn the small screen of a laptop or PC into a bigger one. This Onten tool transmits clear as well as stable signals to the big screen.

Furthermore, it supports a 4k resolution view along with a good quality of audio. Besides, Onten OTN-5131B Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA Adapter is small-sized made-up of quality material. It withstands internal damage at the high range that occurs due to continuous use.

So, you can easily connect it with devices and let it connects for longer hours for use. With help of this adapter experience big and quality pictures of bid screens every time.

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Brand Onten
Model/series OTN-5131B
Color Silver
Material PVC & Aluminum alloy
Type Adapter
Input interface Mini DisplayPort DP
Output interface HDMI and VGA
Video resolution 4K@30Hz,1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz and 1080P @ 60Hz(Full HD)
Compatibility  MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other devices equipped with Mini DP port
Dimensions 15.3 X 8.2 X 2.4 Cm
Weight 68 grams


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