Nikon Manual Macro Closeup Tube


  • Macro extension tube ring set
  • Works with all Nikon Ai AF lenses
  • Exceptionally useful for macro photography.
  • Transforms your lens into a macro lens
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Mounts the tubes between lens and camera body to get you choice of macro ranges
Helps move the lens farther from the film or digital sensor
The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus and the greater the magnification.

Camera Mount Coupling Adapter, Lens Mount Coupling Adapter, Extension Tube 1, Tube 2, Tube 3
All Metal Construction
Any combination for various Macro Effect.


Brand Name OEM
Compatible Brand NIKON
Caliber 82mm to 82mm
Condition new
Ring Tube Ring For nikon
3 tubes 9mm, 16mm, 30mm
Tube 1 thickness 9mm
Tube 2 thickness 16mm
Tube 3 thickness 30mm
Material Aluminum Alloy
Package Contents 1 x Macro Extension Tube Ring Set for Nikon Ai



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