Modern Wash Up Kitchen Set


  • ABS manufacturing
  • Electrical water tub
  • Accurate water circulation
  • Prevents water wastage
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The modern wash-up kitchen set is a part of the fun kitchen toys series. It is not only a playset but also a perfect setting for engaging little ones in healthy activities. Undoubtedly it involves kids in exercise. Moreover, it lets children imitate their adults in dishwashing. Besides, this wash-up kitchen set is designed to keep water circulation perfect. Additionally, it prevents water wastage while operating.

Now, bring your kids this complete Modern wash-up kitchen set that comes with detergent and kitchen pots. Its 2 AA powerful electric tub battery keeps it well functioning. Also, its installation on kitchen shelves is quite easier. Now, young ones will learn cleanliness as well as enjoy the fun. If you are looking for gifts that make your children physical strong then buy this superior colorful washing-kitchen set online.  It is made of kids-friendly material to avoid any physical injury.

You can buy it from the biggest online marketplace NexGen. It offers a variety of items ranging from IT tools to kids’ toys. Browse the NexGen and add the elegantly designed items to the cart. Also, experience the delivery of the robust and safest product countrywide.


Product Modern wash up kitchen set
Model  AZ122
Material ABS
Battery 2 AA


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