Microphone Speaker BT V8


  • Quality:  High Quality
  • Type: Microphone Speaker
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Battery: 1200Mah
Availability: Out of stock


A microphone is a device that deciphers sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals and copyists them to a recording medium or over an amplifier. Microphone Speaker BT V8 is the best mic and speaker.

This handheld mic and the speaker delivers high-quality sound reproduction. BT V8 Wireless Microphone will automatically pair after switching on. No more messy cables. It is an extremely easy, functional Bluetooth microphone. Multi-function buttons can adjust the Music, Echo, and Volume. Free to switch the previous and next song modes. An adjustable echo length effect can bring super surround with immersive enjoyment. The USB port allows you to plug in USB and turn this Magic Piece to MP3 and Play directly

The greatest benefit of the Microphone Speaker BT V8 is its compactness. Nowadays individuals have moved past the cumbersome speakers and like to put resources into Bluetooth speakers so they can convey it with them whenever and anyplace.

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Features of Microphone Speaker BT V8:

Quality High Quality
Type Microphone Speaker
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Output 5W
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Charging power supply DC5V

Pros and cons 

Pros Cons
·         Wireless ·         Not / Avl
·         Handheld Microphone  


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