Max 60 Headphones

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For private audio listening, Max-60 headphone is the perfect choice. It allows user to enjoy music and other entertainment stuff in close or open environment. Max-60 headphone has sweat resistant feature, a drive unit of 30mm which produces quality sound more rapidly, high audio levels feature which requires little power to deliver quality audio sound with the impedance of 32ohms,20HZ~20HZ frequency response produces high bass sound with controlled frequency. The 3.5mm plug-jack is compatible with every phone. Headset Pad is adjustable and can fit on every individual head in very comfortable manner. Moreover, it comes with wired microphone with noise cancellation feature which helps user in voice chats mainly.

Rich Deep Bass

With Rich Deep bass step up your experience. The headphone is ideal for listening to music wherever you are.

40mm High-End
Built-in 40mm High-End Professional Drive-Unit to deliver excessive bass and allows you to enjoy your own personal concert wherever you go.

Headset Pads
Allows headphones to set on head very comfortably

Wired microphone with noise cancellation which convenient with voice chat. Easy to use and the in-line microphone also usefor call handling.

3.5mm Stereo Cable
It comes with 3.5mm Stereo Cable which is compatible with all mobiles & tablets


20Hz ~ 20KHz
32 ohms
Drive Unit
30 mm
Rated Power
101 mw
Cable Length
1.5 M



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