Luminous Track


  • LED Lights
  • Light-up Race Car
  • 360 Stunt Loop Action
  • Pulse Lightning
  • Press & Release to see different Pulse Lightning
  • 300 Flexible Track Pieces
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The Luminous Track is a flexible and detachable track that allows your kids to easily change the direction and shape of the raceway for the cars. This will allow you, children, to race their minds with all the possible combinations. The game includes bright and colorful track pieces and high-flying cars. It also glows in the dark.

This will provide to be an awesome toy for boys and girls for hours. The Luminous Track comes with 1 race car. The vehicle requires 1 AA battery. The car will be able to do 360 Stunt Loop Action. This will make the children look super cool. LED Lights are included to show the different colors are the car passes by the different parts of the tracks.


  • The Luminous Track includes LED Lights that light up as the car makes its way down the track.
  • The car also lights up.
  • You will be able to perform 360 Stunt Loop Action with this Luminous Track.
  • A Pulse Lightning feature is also included. The light change as you press and release.
  • The whole package includes 300 flexible track pieces.

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