Logitech Z120 Speakers Price


  • Sturdy speakers for quality sound
  • 5 mm input for an audio source
  • Also has a cable management system
  • Knob to control volume as well as for accessing the power
  • Develop easy connections with other devices such as laptops, iPod,s and PCs
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While working on a laptop or PC, sometimes you want beats. Neither too high nor too low. Therefore, you need Logitech Z120 Speakers. These mini-USB speakers have such beautiful and clear sound quality.  In addition, Small, chubby, and compact USB speakers have ear soothing audio potential. Logitech Z120 Speakers have so many features that fulfill your PC table demands.

Above all is, a jungle of cables on the table causes untidiness. Hence, the cable management system behind the speakers helps to maintain the length of the cable. Furthermore, volume control as well as how to access the power of the speakers, both functions are performed by a single knob.

Undoubtedly, you want these USB speakers for your room. Not only for the room but also these mini speakers are too good for making home dance. For this audio product, you don’t even need to search more for a reliable Store, Because, NexGen, one of the reliable and famous premium quality products, is here for you. Thus, place your order for Logitech Z 120 USB Speakers and many more. We promise to deliver with care, what you need.


Brand Logitech
Height 110 mm
Width 90 mm
Depth 88 mm
Total watt (RMS) 1.2
3.5 mm input 1
USB cable for power 1
Control System Knob
Weight .25 kg


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