LDNIO Quick Charge 2.0 35W 6 Ports USB Charger


  • 5 USB PORTS, 1 Qualcomm USB Port
  • Compatible with Computer, Camera, Mobile Phone, Power Bank, MP4, iPAD, iPod etc
  • Application of Intelligent Chip
  • Efficient Energy Conversion Enables less Time Consumption.
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LDNIO Quick charge 2.0 35W 6 Port USB Charger a best multifunctional tool for your home or office use. It is  designed to charge the iPad , iPhone, Samsung Tab, and Android devices. It provides fast charging for all devices. Its maximum power output is 7A. it can work with any voltage standard power supply e.g. ( 110- 220 Volt).

LDNIO Quick charge 2.0 35W 6 Port USB Charger is Compact, unibody design for added portability. Auto ID detection for flexibility and convivence. It comes with of 1.5 meter long charging cable. It has hardened-plastic outer shell and premium circuitry ensure lifetime reliability. good Appearance, easy to carry, lighter operation is simple.

Consolidate all your wall-charging needs into this LDNIO 6 Port USB Charger, a fast charger. 6-port favorite Say goodbye to swapping out multiple adapters from a single outlet. so grab your fast charger now from Nexgenshop.


  • Quick Charge Technology 2.0
  • 6 x USB Output, 7A Auto MAX (35W)
  • 1.5 Meter Power Cord with UK 3-Pin Plug
  • Input AC100-240V 50-60Hz Max 800mA
  • ABS Grade Material (Fire Safety Material)
  • High Stability with Certified Stress Test
  • Phosphor Bronze Copper Sleeve


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