Kitchen Toys LS8340 Family Appliance

  • Use for ages 3+
  • An excellent birthday.
  • Christmas gift for children.
  • Made of durable plastic material.
  • Help your child to develop interest.

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Calling out all the cooking fans, we have the perfect toy for you! This Kitchen Toys LS8340 Family Appliance is the ideal gift for all the little girls who love to cook like their parents. Firstly, this set contains multiple tools and utensils like a fridge, oven, and stove. These are the ideal devices for them to play pretend and cook their favorite dishes for their friends and family. Furthermore, the pink design completely takes them in and is the perfect pink design for every little girl’s room.

They can set these on their shelves and then take them out when they want to play. Lastly, this is perfect for parties for the little ones when they want to make dishes for their friends. Playtime will be so much more fun with this customized set of Kitchen Toys LS8340 Family Appliances also quite affordable for the tools and utensils provided and the customized design. Check out more accessories for your kids to accompany their playtime and for them to have fun!

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Features of Kitchen Toys:

  • Use for ages 3+
  • An excellent birthday and Christmas gift for your children.
  • Made of durable plastic material, it won’t harm your kids’ hands and can bring the kids lots of fun in-game playing.
  • Help your child to develop interest.
  • Train emotional skills children are actively experimenting with social and emotional roles in everyday life.
  • Supports healthy parent-child relationships by participating in pretend play. They support healthy parent-child relationships.



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