Hikvision 12v 5amp power supply


  • 12V DC – 5 Amp
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Override & overvoltage Protection
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This Hikvision 12v 5amp power supply metal Case CP PLUS guarantees outstanding functionality.

Connection Split 1:2
Connector A 4 Pin, 4 Pin 12 V
Output Voltage 12 V
Cable Length 3 m
Item Length 20 cm
Item Height 3.4 cm
Item Width 16.2 cm
Weight 281 g


12v power supply price in Pakistan is sensible for every user. An electrical device known as a power supply provides electricity to an electrical load. Converting electric current from a source to the proper voltage, current, and frequency to power the pack is the primary function of a power supply. Due to this, power supplies are sometimes known as electric power converters. The power supply converts the energy from the source into the correct format and voltage. Due to the variety of possibilities available, the specific power supply function depends on whether it has to convert electricity or control energy. Therefore, the 12v 5 amp power supply price is low as its expectation.

Its cutting-edge tech uses short circuit protection, overload protection, and over-temperature protection. Fantastic for the CCTV setup for just about almost any 12-volt camera. It comes with override & overvoltage protection, and it also has a long input voltage range.


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