Hand Spray Pens price in pakistan

  • Non-toxic colors and easily removable
  • Very easy to use
  • Comfortable and efficient suction pump
  • Multi-purposes, painting, drawing, perfume, and water spray
  • Set of 24 Pens

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Now, you can also make brilliant artwork with help of Hand Spray Pens.  These pens have made art much easier. Not only kids but also elders can create beautiful paintings because of these fabulous pens. Hand Spray pens are very easy to use. You just have to fix the suction pump over the pen and then you can spray colors easily.

With help of drawing stencils, you can create art in a short time. Sets of 24 spray pens are available in stores. You can create multicolor art in your leisure time anywhere anytime.  So, this could be a healthy as well as a creative activity for kids at home and classroom also.

The use of spray pens is not only confined to paintings and colorful picture-making but you can also use these sprays for cleaning small interfaces. Moreover, it can be used to spray any liquid or perfume. You want this beautiful set to preset it on your kid’s upcoming birthdays.

Then, avail of the opportunity to get the set of 24 colored pens along with drawing stencils from the NexGen store. It is the biggest online store in Pakistan. You can get premium-quality gadgets and tools accessories at highly low rates from the store. Keep browsing our site for the modern upcoming tools that might add some charm to your style.

Features of Hand Spray Pens:

Item Spray Pen
Brand ZYCC
Model FF
Origin CN
Material Plastic
Colors set 24
Drawing Stencils Yes


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