Go Loud WC-750 Dual Port Energy Wall Charger


  • Dual-port Wall Charging Adapter for Mobile Phones or Tablets
  • Power: 16.2 Watt
  • Output: 2.4 A
  • Compact design


Go Loud WC-750 Dual Port Energy Wall Charger is both a stylish and fast charger. It comes up with a long cable that allows a comfier charging experience even sitting away from the power socket. This elegantly designed charger, charge your devices at a rate of 2.4 Amp.

Moreover, it consumes less power and takes less charging. Not only the charging role but also plays the role of data transfer with help of Data cable Micro USB 3.0. Now, you can take advantage of this tiny tool. Besides, premium manufacturing makes the Go Loud WC-750 Dual Port Energy Wall Charger customers’ primary choice.

The use of quality fireproof and ABS material makes it a durable charger ever. If you are looking for a premium and fast charger then you must buy this Loud charger from the NexGen online shop. Undoubtedly, NexGen is the biggest marketplace of electronics. Also, it is the biggest seller of IT products countrywide.

Thus, browse the website of our store and add superior gadgets to the cart. NexGen always promises to equip its customers with premium tools at a reasonable budget.

Features of WC-750:

Brand Loud
Model WC-750
Color Gray or color
Power 16.2Watt
Output 2.4Amp
Input voltage 100V – 240V


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