Full Frame Camera Sensor Cleaning Swabs


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We bring you the answer to all your camera cleaning questions. These total frame Camera Sensor Cleaning Swabs are the perfect little cleaners for your camera equipment. You can quickly get these and then clean the lens and other parts with a swipe. CCD wipes are used to clean the CCD / CMOS chip in digital SLR cameras. Cleaning your digital camera sensor is incredibly simple and safe, as well as quick and cost-effective.

Furthermore, this CCD Swab is outstanding, clean, and maintains the ideal helper photographic and optical equipment. Thanks to its unique microfiber head substance. Considerate individuals are anti-pollution and suitable for travel. The sealing head is lint-free and manufactured in a cleanroom. Check out other handy tech products from the NexGen website. Get new and improved products at reasonable prices for your friends, family, and yourself. Go to the NexGen website today and explore a wide range of tech, children’s, and other essential products.


1 . The unique microfiber , full frame
2 . Designed for digital SLR camera sensor cleaning and maintenance
3 . Individually wrapped in a bag and six bags 1 box , 1
4 . Cleanroom Manufacturing and sealed.
5. Heads made of special materials, sensors, and monitors will cause no damage.
6. Efficient cleaning of dirt particles and micro-
7. 99.999% of the time you can clean the sensor.
8. Travels Well , no need to carry a bottle of chemistry with you.
9. Can be compatible with the following applications: digital SLR cameras, CCD / CMOS, optical lenses, filters, LCD / Plasma monitors, handheld computers and PDA, mobile phone accessories.

Package includes :

1 box x CCD / CMOS SWAB: 6PCS/BOX ( original brand packaging )

MOQ = 1 box = 6PCS


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