Flash Diffuser 120CM Octagon Soft Box


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  • The opening Diameter is 120cm, inside with reflect silver and comes with front translucent diffuser, great for speedlites, mono light, strobe or slave
  • Quick and easy way to produce beatiful diffused light
  • Especially designed for speedlites and strobist, a must have for location shooting
  • Independent monobloc flash heads
  • Designed for digital and film cameras
  • All metal high quality construction
  • Compatible with all Bowens Accessories
  • Plenty of power for small portrait and commercial work
  • Excellent range of light modifiers included.

Package included

1 x 120cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox
1 x Outer Diffusion Screen
1 x Carrying Bag



Material Nylon material, Aluminum shaft
Diameter 120cm
Color As the pictures shown


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