FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer


  • Plug and play USB reader
  • Automatic multicolor LED
  • Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • FM storage of 100 stations
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Are you looking for an amazing speaker set for all your movies and music? The FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer is the best replacement out there. With the multicolor decorative design, these speakers are attractive and very clear in sound!

The device handles Bluetooth version 4.0 for wireless connectivity audio streaming. Now you can play all your music with a click of a button! The plug-and-play USB card reader also helps the users already downloaded music, therefore making the usage easier. When nothing else seems to be working, the FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer comes with the option of up to 100 FM stations!

With this you can always make use of the gadget, therefore, taking complete benefit of the purchase! This high-quality beautifully designs FD High Bass speaker comes with a fully functional remote control. You can completely officiate all choices of the gadget without actually touching it!


  1. The brand Is FD.
  2. The woofer offers clear sound, hence giving the listeners the best experience.
  3. It has a perfect and sleet design, attracting all who look over.
  4. The device is USB and SD Card supported. This allows the user to download music beforehand and use it when there is no Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  5. By being completely remote-controlled, the functioning is made for ease and comfort.


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