Edifier M203BT home theater price in pakistan


  • Universal 100V-240V power supply
  • 5 inches subwoofers
  • Wired controller for easy operations
  • 68 watts peak power output
  • Bluetooth V5.0 technology


Here, we have a stylish and sophistically designed EDIFIER M203BT. EDIFIER home theater price in Pakistan is highly reasonable. These black and white tilted speakers are designed in a manner to deliver sound straight to the ears. These compact and lightweight speakers featured a wired controller that makes operation easier. Moreover, these speakers are equipped with v5.0 Bluetooth technology that supports stable and fast transmission.

Along with this, the side panels also support USB as well as SD cards to play desired content. Furthermore, the EDIFIER M203 BT theatre uses a universal power supply that assists in producing bass-bumping sounds. Due to the use of the latest and standardized technologies, the chance of distortion in sound doesn’t exist. You can enjoy clear and crisp sounds every time. With these super-qualified elegant speakers, you can enjoy your desired playlist, videos, and gaming on high beats. Undoubtedly, these speakers are quite enough for indoor gatherings.

If you are looking for stylish and high bass speakers then EDIFIER must be your only choice. Fast Bluetooth pairing, easy operation, less power consumption, and elegant design, are EDIFIER home theater speakers’ specifications. Surprisingly, the EDIFIER home theater price in Pakistan is according to your expectations. So, replace your poor sound quality speakers with intelligent and advanced speakers now.

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Model M203 BT
Subwoofer 5-inches
Frequency response 210Hz-20kHz
Power output 68 W
Power supply 100-240 V
Bluetooth V5. 0
Noise level <25 dB
Input type AUX, Bluetooth, USB, SD card


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