Ecostar 32 inch led (CX-32U579M)


  • 2 HDMI input
  • USB Connectivity
  • Power cable
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Brand Ecostar
Model CX-32U576/578/579
Size 32 inch
HDMI Input 2
Power Cable Yes
Remote control Yes
Program Memory 199 Channels
Real Color Engine Yes
Panel A grade
USB Connectivity Video / Audio / Images
Power stand by <0.5 W

Main description

Ecostar additionally offers a variety of other technological devices. Ecostar is a reputable company with high-quality items. Its LED televisions are reasonably priced and packed with features. Dolby Digital provides the most realistic audio experience possible, with indistinguishable sound quality and clarity. Immerse yourself in the beauty of lifelike images with bright colors, a wide range of hues, and high resolution.

The Ecostar 32-inch LED (CX-32U579M) is a fantastic LED TV that combines high quality with a low price. On the 32-inch LED ecostar screen, you can immerse yourself in spectacular graphics and brilliant colors, boosting your favorite shows, movies, and games with lifelike clarity. Ecostar LED TV technology promotes energy efficiency, giving exceptional picture quality while saving money on electricity expenses.

The LED ecostar 32-inch offers built-in applications as well as screen casting capabilities. Furthermore, the overall resolutions provided by this TV are ideal for your TV lounge or bedroom. The purest blacks and most apparent whites are achieved with perfect contrast. This LED TV complements any living environment with user-friendly features and a clean style.

Whether you’re a movie buff or a gamer, the Ecostar 32-inch LED (CX-32U579M) provides an unrivaled entertainment experience without breaking the bank. Elevate your home entertainment with an Ecostar LED TV and experience high performance at a low cost.


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