Earldom ET-EH89 Car Mount Airvent Phone Holder


  • Car Mount Air vent holder
  • Suitable for 99% of vehicles
  • High stability and durable
  • Portable one-handed operation


In this day and age, the one device which is the nearest and dear to us is our smartphone. It is the perfect product for many different jobs in our life. Whether you want to chat with someone, listen to music, Google something, turn on your maps or GPS. However, while we drive, we can’t hold it in our hands and miss out on all these jobs. This Earldom ET-EH89 Car Mount Airvent Phone Holder is the perfect product for you if you face this problem.

This device is a car phone holder which mounts on the air vent, and you can use it easily as it acts as a third hand for you. You can use it to turn on the maps and GPS so that you never lose your way wherever you are going.

Car Mount Airvent Phone Holder is especially needed for people who drive a lot as you can quickly get to your destination without having to ask many people or stopping at every corner to check if you’re on the right way. You need to attach it and then enjoy video calls, easy music changing, and many more experiences without worrying.

Get this now exclusively on the NexGen marketplace, plus check out many other convenient car accessories which make your life easier and provide a smooth and relaxed driving experience.


  • Design:  anti-slip silicone pads
  • Safety when moving: can rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • Rotate: rotate horizontally, rotate vertically the phone as you like
  • Ease of use: Portable and compact
  • Suitable: Can be attached to any vehicle that you have and can be taken off easily is you like.




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