Earldom 4K to HDMI Cable


  • Manufacturer: Earldom
  • Product code: ET-W11
  • Input interface: USB Type C
  • Output interface: HDMI
  • Anti-rust plating contacts
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This product is for those times when you need to connect your device to another but you don’t have the right wire. This Earldom 4K 2K UHD Type-C to HDMI Cable USB C to 4K HDMI Cable is for those times when you want to connect your devices like laptops, phones, and tablets to your TVs to watch your movies.

This tiny Earldom 4K HDMI Cable can be taken anywhere you need and is compatible with many different products. It is compatible with most new MacBook models that do not support HDMI ports and USB Type-C connectors. In addition to supporting connecting to MacBook models, the product also supports connecting phones, and iPad with a USB Type-C connection port for images on TVs, monitors, and projectors.


Image quality Multi-layer anti-interference for sharp image quality
Supports  Supports 4K / HD picture quality
Compatibility MacBook, phones, and iPad with USB Type-C connection ports for images on TVs, monitors, and projectors.
Two in one USB Type-C port to an HDMI port


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