DELL Inspiron 3583 Ci7 8th Gen 8Gb 1TB HDD

  • Core i7 8th Generation
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 TB SATA
  • Windows 10
  • Black


The DELL Inspiron 3583 Ci7 8th Gen 8Gb Ram 1Tb SATA 15.6″ is a budget-friendly laptop that meets all your everyday needs. The laptop screen is of 15inches. This allows the users to watch all their favorite shows from a big screen, as well as use the laptop for a longer period of time.

The DELL Inspiron 3583 Sata 15.6″ comes in an extremely stylish and sleek design. With an all-black exterior, the laptop is very thin and light in weight. This allows the user to easily carry it around with them all day without feeling a huge burden on their shoulders. The DELL Inspiron 3583 Ci7 8th Gen 8Gb Ram 1Tb Sata 15.6″ also features the Intel processor and an array of ports.

You will now be able to easily connect multiple devices to your laptop and multitask. You will experience incredible responsiveness and smooth, seamless multitasking with the new Inspiron 3583 laptop which features the 8th Generation Intel Processor.

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Specifications of DELL Inspiron 3583:

  • This laptop has an Intel Core i7 8th Generation processor.
  • It comes with a 1.8GHz processor speed.
  • The laptop includes a 1 TB SATA Hard drive.
  • It also includes an installed 8GB RAM DDR4.
  • You get a 15.6inches screen size.
  • It has an operating system of Windows 10.


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