DANY PC-1000 Web Met Cam


  • Image format: VGA
  • Operating port: USB 2.0 and down to USB 1.1
  • Maximum frame rate: 30 fps (VGA)
  • Minimum Low Photo Light: 6Lux
  • Photocontrol: Saturation, Compare, and Sharp
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Are you looking for the best webcam out there? The DANY PC-1000 Web Met Cam is the best choice for a web camera. This DANY Web Cam has a hardware resolution of 300K and a software resolution of 5 megapixels, meaning it offers better video quality and better autofocus. Black is the color it comes in, therefore, giving off an attractive overall look. The focus range is from 2cm to infinity so you can be sitting as far as you’d like and still be in focus with the camera. There are three photo controls that you can choose from. They are saturation, compare, and sharp. With these, you can alter the images and use them for many other reasons other than a video call.

An automatic and manual white balance options are available too. The automatic white balance comes in the range of 2600 degrees K to 5000 degrees k. Exposure is also automatic and manual and so are the image and video options. The operating temperature should be around 30 degrees to 70 degrees.


  • A sensor of 1/6 inches CMOS.
  • Hardware resolution of 3000K.
  • Minimum resolution of 5 megapixels.
  • Data formats are YUV and RGB.
  • The operating ports which can be used are USB 2.0 to a minimum of USB 1.1.
  • The maximum frame rate is 30fps (VGA).
  • Minimum low photo light of 6 Lux.
  • The focus range of 2cm to infinity.
  • The visual angle of 60 degrees.
  • 3 photo controls are saturation, compare, and sharp.
  • Exposure is done automatically and manually.


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