Dany car charger Mars M90


  • Dual USB ports
  • Durable 1M cable
  • Sufficient power to charge three devices
  • Lightweight but high saturation and maximum energy


Dany car charger Mars M90 allows you to charge your smartphones, laptops, and tablets in the car while long road trips. Because this car charger has 2 ports that save you time. Besides, it’s 2,4 A powerful output supports the fastest charging.

Moreover,  Dany car charger Mars M90 has a 1M durable cable that allows you to charge your phones even on the back seats while resting. This lightweight, as well as sleekly designed universal car charger, is made up of standardized material. It prevents itself from overheating due to continuous use. So, you can use it carefree for longer hours. Also, it is easily portable in bags. Its intangible cable is advantageous.

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Brand DANY
Model/ Series Mars -M90
Color White
Type Type-C / USB
Socket type Cigarette lighter
No. of ports 2
Input power 12V – 24V
Output power 2.4A (max)
Cable length 1 meter (100cm)
Compatibility Universal


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