Chinese Double Camera Holster Belt


  • Double Buckle Holster Dual- Buckle Hanger Holster
  • Camera Waist Belt Strap Mount Holder Universal for Canon Nikon Pentax DSLRs.
  • Can hold two cameras simultaneously.
  • Quick release camera waist belt buckle quickly shoot for camera DV camcorder.
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This Chinese Double Camera Holster Belt is a fantastic product for securely carrying your camera. Amazingly, this heavy-duty hip-mounted belt/holster system, designed to bring a pair of large pro DSLRs, holds your cameras like pistols, which is much more secure, firstly, thanks to aluminum-alloy plates that attach to the cameras’ tripod sockets. Secondly, stainless-steel Spider Pins attach to the leaves, then slide and lock into vertical metal grooves in the holsters. This technique maintains your cameras securely in place by gravity even when the two-position lock is unlocked for a quick draw—very cool. You may also remove one holster to carry a single camera.

Furthermore, slot a camera into one and an extra lens into the other. NexGen has many other tech accessories and devices for you to shop for yourself and your family. Get your hands on the latest technology accessories and devices today on the NexGen website.


Ergonomics This camera belt rest on your waist, to free your back, shoulders, and neck, which makes you feel nothing hanging on your body.
Practical This camera belt stand bumps and travels. The metal part on the belt is an auto-lock device, also you can choose lock state or open state.
Durability This camera belt has been tested, that it is intact and every link has not a loose phenomenon.
Quickly shoot This camera belt sets conveniently hip-level which gives you instant access to your camera.
Universality The locking device of the belt can compatible with any structure and any generation camera bottom.
Aesthetics Compared with a heavy and huge camera bag, this camera belt is just a simple delicate metal buckle lock on the belt without



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