Canon 52mm Reverse Ring Price in Pakistan


  • Allows the camera lens to be fitted in its reverse position onto the camera body
  • Makes the lens become a macro lens on the camera body
  • When attached automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing
  • Any other functions will not operate correctly
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Canon 52mm Reverse Ring is a handy product for all the professional camera users out there. They can easily attach it on and see the difference it makes. Furthermore, it is an investment in your professional life and will boost your result significantly. CANON EOS EF Mount Adapter Ring on one side, the reverse rings are threaded to accommodate your lens’s filter thread. The opposite side contains a lens mount similar to your camera. Turn the lens around and put it onto the camera body after screwing the adapter into the filter thread. The macro reproduction range is considerably expanded as a result of this.

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Compatible Brand CANON
Caliber 52mm
Size 52mm
Ring material metal


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Emaan Gee

    It is good product so easy to use……

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