Bluetooth Selfie Stick Price in Pakistan


  • 180° tilt head
  • Normal stick size 18.5″
  • Self-portrait mirror
  • Sturdy design
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Nowadays, video creation has become an integral part of our society. From the rise of YouTube and other platforms, videos and pictures have become necessary. This Bluetooth selfie stick is a fantastic product to have. Firstly, it allows you to film without having to carry your phone up. This eases the strain on your arm so that you can shoot for a longer time. Secondly, it has a 180° tilt head which makes it easier to shoot from different angles.

Moreover, it has a self-portrait mirror so that you can shoot with vlogs and other content on the go. On the NexGen website, you may find a large range of electronics, children, and other essential products. NexGen has many varieties of products like this one so go and check it out! You can get new and better stuff for your friends, family, and yourself for a reasonable price.


Take your own picture

Flexible mobile holder

Sturdy design

Working width 125-1250mm

Folded Lenght: 425mm

Use: Smartphones

Weight: 235g

Material: Aluminium

Section: 4

Color: Black

The extendable handheld Selfie Stick is for iPhone iso or Samsung etc. and Android 4.3″ it is with zoom function

Adjustable Phone Adapter fits all phones with width from 5.5cm to 8.5cm.

Built-in little mirror for better Selfie experience


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