Blue Beats B-26 LED TV Headphones


  • Built-in V4.0 Bluetooth technologies
  • 40mm well-designed speakers
  • Connect from far-range up to 10m/ 360
  • It is equipped with 3.8V to 4.2V
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Attend calls anytime anywhere & listen to your favorite music in the latest way. Audionic Blue Beats B-26 LED TV Headphones not only delivers High-quality sound but also features Bluetooth technologies. with EDR Compliance, allows users to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device easily. Top-quality Bluetooth with the ability to allow users to enjoy music and watch movies or videos anytime without hassle.

Built-in microphones, allow for an Exact mapping of the sounds around you. Blue Beats B-26 LED TV Headphones allows Users to control it easily with its soft touch easy buttons that they can use to play/pause, reverse, and forward. It has a high range capacity that allows users to connect from a far range. Bluetooth technology installed in B-26 Blue Beats wireless headphones creates users’ life comfortable by all means.


Bluetooth The built-in V4.0 Bluetooth technologies with EDR Compliant allow the user to any Bluetooth-enabled device easily.
Drive Unit It’s a 40mm well-designed Speaker 
Receiver Range It holds a high-range capacity of up to 10m/ 360 with quality sound output.
Operation Voltage It is equipped with a 3.8V to 4.2V
Bluetooth Device Input Bluetooth device can be connected to Television through an Aux port.


Charging Time 2 -4 Hours


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