Best Ring light in Pakistan


  • Model: JMARY FM-536A
  • Ultra-thin design stylish appearance
  • 360 flicker-free light source
  • Wide-angle light distribution
  • USB Power Supply
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appearance Ultra-thin design stylish appearance
Light source 360 flicker-free light source

Wide-angle light distribution


Power USB Power Supply
Color 3 kinds of color temperature modes: warm, cold, neutral
Moving Adjustable Phone Holder Free Your Hands
Control Wireless Remote control

More Details

We have the best ring light in Pakistan. Without a doubt, JMARY FM-536A Ring light with stand is the ideal lighting hotspot for making the view clear. This ring light has a breadth of 26 cm which makes a generally speaking 2m length of the stand. Besides, it highlights astonishing capabilities. You can change the level as well as the temperature and splendor. Whether you need faint, low, or you can undoubtedly change with a touch button. You can change color temperature too well to warm, cold or nonpartisan. In the plan of this flexible ring, light well-being boundaries are kept in view.

The Ring light doesn’t produce bright or infrared radiation which is called disease-causing. Other than it, it accompanied a telephone holder to assist you in recording instructional exercises with 7.5 inches cell phone. Presently, you can undoubtedly record the quality cosmetics instructional exercise with the assistance of this ring light selfie. Without a doubt, it is the ideal thing for your meeting or recording room. Get this USB-fueled 5V JMARY FM-536A Ring light with a stand online for your review or room. JMARY FM-536A is the best ring light in Pakistan. Contact us for more details.

Pros and cons:

Pros cons
·         Adjustable and flexible ·         expensive
·         Three lighting settings that can be controlled via remote  
·         Good size  


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