Beach Rambler 360 Rotation R/C


  • A radio-controlled ATV with light and sound effects.
  • Power is supplied by a battery.
  • The remote control is powered by a 9V crown.
  • Includes battery, crown, and charger.
  • More detailed functionality can be seen in the attached video.
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This is a fun-filled ride which your children can play with to their hearts fill. This is a yellow Beach Rambler 360 Rotation R/C that is one the most favorite for kids growing up as they can play with it inside. A battery supply power is easily operated with a remote controller. They can move it forward, backward, left, right, and stop it when needed.

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  • A radio-controlled ATV with light and sound effects.
  • Due to the movable rear wheels, is able to perform various stunts and turns.
  • When driving, music plays, and the wheels light up.
  • A battery supplies power. A 9V crown powers the remote control.
  • Includes battery, crown, and charger.



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