Baseus X20 Mini JA 20000mAh 3A


  • 20000mAh large capacity
  • 5W emergency charging for MacBook
  • 8 layers protections for the sudden heat damage
  • Compact and portable
  • Compatible with Samsung Huawei or other smartphones


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New Baseus X20 Mini JA 20000mAh 3A in highly humanized design to make your road, as well as business trip convenient, is available.

This Power Bank has a large battery capacity that you can charge multiple devices many times. Its four ports allow you to charge smartphones as well as tablets. Baseus X20 Mini JA 20000mAh 3A is people’s choice because of its protective layers. Indeed, Layering prevents overpower, overheat, and short circuits.

Undoubtedly, its sleek designs and aesthetic coating beautifies it but light indicators for battery status doubles its charm.

You can also travel carefree if you have X20 Power Bank in your backpack. It is small so it is easily portable and it doesn’t take much time to charge.

To make your trips and work smoothly when you are away from outlets add it to the cart by visiting the NexGen website. You can dig more items and computer accessories for need. We always promise to deliver the best.


Brand Baseus
Model/Series  X20
Type USB Type-C PD,USB
Color Black and white
Material  PC + ABS
Battery capacity 20000mAh
Actual capacity 12000mAh
Conversion =80%
Cell type li-polymer
Ports  2x USB, USB-C, micro-USB
PD 18 W
Type-C input 5V/2.1A
Micro input  5V/2.1A)
Type-C output 5V/3A
USB 1 output 5V/1A,
USB 2 Output 5V/2.4A
Light indicators Yes
Weight 544g
Dimensions 21×9.8×3.5cm
Package  1 x BASEUS Mini JA 20000mAh 3A Three Output Power Bank


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