Baseus USB Female To Type-C Male Adapter


  • Charge with 2.4 A current
  • 480 Mbps data transmission rate
  • Aluminum alloy composition
  • Compatible with Type-C mobile phone(OTG)/Tablet/notebook
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Baseus USB Female To Type-C Male Adapter is the perfect solution to connect USB devices to Type-C interfaces. In other words, now you can connect USB to smartphone type-C interfaces. With help of this tiny black adapter, you can not only charge devices but also exchange data. This shiny black adapter supports a 480 Mbps transfer rate.

Besides, you can connect your keyboard, mouse, U disks, USB fan, and disks via it. This Baseus adapter has dust resistant and anti-fingerprinting design that makes it elegant. So, buy Baseus USB Female To Type-C Male Adapter at a highly reasonable price in Pakistan. You can get quality fast charging and data transfer adapter from the NexGen online shop.

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Brand Baseus
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Black
Current 2.4A
USB 2.0 480MB/S
Compatible Type-C mobile phone(OTG)/Tablet/notebook


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