Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable


  • 6 strands of 292 thick wire cores
  • 11V/6A (66W Max) current output
  • Anti-oxidation and damage design
  • 480 Mbps data exchange rate
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Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable is intelligently designed for quick charging. Its recognition chips support the fastest charging ever. 6 cores thick strands other than five make stable connectivity possible. Moreover, these chips prevent the battery from any expected damage due to overcharging. This 2-in-1 fast charging cable also allows the fastest and most stable data transmission. Now, you can transfer huge audio/video files and documents in seconds with a 480 Mbps transfer rate.

Undoubtedly, Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable also touches the boundaries of elegance. Its glossy and mirror-surfaced interface is stylish as well as the safest one! it doesn’t leave any fingerprints or spots. Additionally, the anti-oxidation and wear-resistant design make it a durable data cable. With this 2m nylon braided cable you can enjoy the movement and streaming during charging. If you are looking for a beautifully designed long cable then Baseus can fulfill your need.

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Feature of Gold Fast Charging Data:

Brand Baseus
Housing zinc alloy + nylon braided wire
Input USB
Output Type-C
Current 11V/6A (66W Max)
Transmission rate  480Mbps
Cable length 1m/2m


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