Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter and Power Bank


  • Power bank capacity: 8000mAh
  • Start current: 400A
  • Maximum current: 800A
  • Input: DC 5V/2.4A
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We spend most of our lives going to different places in our cars. This Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter and Power Bank can be for work or with family and friends. In these long drives, we forget to charge our necessary devices without which we cannot live, like our phones, laptops, and other wireless devices. These are an essential part of our day-to-day activities. We need these to work and to socialize.

So it is a fantastic product for anyone looking to charge their devices on the go in their cars. This excellent sleek product has dual charging ports that can charge two devices simultaneously and is built with Bluetooth. It also has a button to answer and a long press to hang up phone calls. You can plug in your AUX cable to listen to music and podcasts if you don’t have a Bluetooth device. Check the NexGen marketplace for more time-saving and easy gadgets! NexGen has a huge variety of tech accessories which you can find on their page. Whatever you might need they have the perfect solution for it. NexGen offers the most comprehensive listing of products in the country.

Features of Baseus Super Energy:

  • Ultra practical and powerful car jump starter and power bank from Baseus
  • The Baseus Super Energy can start any 4l Petrol or 2,5l Diesel engine
  • The flashlight with its imitation of car headlights gives it a high-end look
  • The Baseus Super Energy car jump starter/power bank has one USB output for charging your gadget
  • A built-in flashlight boasts multi-mode lighting: normal, SOS, and sharp
  • With Baseus Super Energy, you can jump-start your car up to 40 times per charge
  • No need for external cables because it comes with automotive battery jumper cables


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