Baseus SUDD-2G Let’s Go Mesh Portable Laptop Stand


  • Slim and portable, stable support
  • Five-level adjustment for height
  • Hollowed mesh for fast heat dissipation
  • Material: PC
  • Size: 287x207mm
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NexGen brings you a product. For all those out there who are facing severe backaches due to long working hours. This Baseus SUDD-2G Let’s Go Mesh Portable Laptop Stand is a fantastic product to have. Working long hours with your laptop can seriously damage your back posture and have harmful lasting effects on your eyesight. to overcome this, NexGen comes up with this fantastic Baseus SUDD-2G Let’s Go Mesh Portable Laptop Stand. Firstly it can easily be placed on your desk and then prop your laptop on top. Secondly, it will give it more height, so you don’t constantly need to adjust your sitting position and cramp your backbone.

Furthermore, this Baseus SUDD-2G Let’s Go Mesh Portable Laptop Stand has a sleek silver mesh body and comes with a slim and compact design. So you can carry it anywhere easily. Lastly, it is perfect for your at-home desks, school libraries, and offices. For other essential devices for your work environment, check the NexGen ShopNexGen offers the most comprehensive listing of products in the country.


  • It was made to be high quality (as I researched on the characteristics).
  • The table is portable, light.
  • It’s a great choice for students working on their laptops, businessmen who need an extra workstation to conduct meetings or work on presentations outdoors, and others who want a laptop stand due to neck/back pain from hunching over.
  • The Baseus Let’s Go Mesh portable laptop stand is adjustable to suit the exact height you need; it also adjusts to fit any laptop size.
  • The sturdy design provides a secure base and allows for optimum cooling; also comes with an anti-skid rubber mat for notebook stability.


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