Baseus PubG G9 Mobile Game Holder Scoring Tool


  • Physical conduction, sensitive reaction, zero delay.
  • Transparent material, no sight line blocking.
  • Humanized design, free assembly, use the way as preferred.
  • Suitable for most mobile phones available on the market.
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Four fingers in control simultaneously, aiming while shooting, duckong your gun with ease.

Movable clip, fit to back of mobile phone, secure assembly, wasy disassembly.

Your advantage in virtual battle – With 4 fingers in play, you can react faster than other players. In shooters like PUBG, you can shoot while aiming. Say goodbye to awkward stand-still shooting without moving situations.

No blocking of sightline – No blocking of game-playing sightline = no impact on the experience.

Firm buttons – Steady shooting with mouse-like feeling. Comfortable and precise.

Fully fit, never coming loose – All you need to do is lay tool on the phone edge and if there is a need, press down the buckle.

With or without cover – You always can play with your phone cover on. Either it will be a hard PC case or soft TPU cover.

For every smartphone – Suitable for every smartphone. For every size, brand and operation system.

Long lifespan key – Clicking test for up to 50,000 times. Hundred hours of gaming.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Rabia gee

    BASEUS PUBS G9 MOBILE GAME SCORING TOOL BLACK is so beautiful look and functions …..i like it…

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