Baseus Grenade Handle Controller


  • Silicone pad without scratching the screen.
  • Compatible with various models of mobile phones.
  • Material: PC + Ironware
  • Steady pressing shoot without delay.


This device is a game-changer for anyone who is a smartphone gamer! Baseus Grenade Handle Controller is an easy-to-use device that you can easily attach to your smartphones and enjoy a smooth playing experience. This device transforms your gaming experience as it makes it extremely easy for people to hold their phones for a more extended period with these controller tools.

This device does not cramp your hands while keeping your phone for extended periods, and you can prolong your gaming time. This Baseus Grenade Handle Controller is popular with PUBG STG FPS TPS shooting games. The clasps on these controllers offer a substantial grip for both sides of the phone. These are very easy to attach and take off and can be carried with you anywhere while traveling in your backpack.

Shooting games are all the rage nowadays, especially Call of Duty, PUBG, Cover Fire, Fortnight, and Modern Combat. These games are very addictive, and players play for a long time which can cause hand cramps, and your phone can slip from your hands. That will not be a problem anymore with this fantastic product NexGen. By owning this Baseus mobile game scoring tool, you can be the winner in any game.


  • Suitable for: Smartphones with less than 6.5-inches (thickness < 10mm)
  • Easy holding: Grenade shape for easy holding
  • No delays: Does not delay the operation, Not block your vision
  • Play longer: Play games for a long time without hurting your hands.
  • Grip: Clasp from both sides of the phone offers a truly firm grip. Once clasped, never fall off.
  • Trigger Style: 98K style trigger, more exciting and real shot experience.


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