Baseus Earphone Type C (C17)


  • 20Hz-20Khz frequency
  • 1m wire length
  • ABS+TPE material
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The Baseus Earphone Type C (C17) is made of ABS+TPE material. This hands-free has lossless sound quality. The wired earphone’s sound is much better than wireless. The wired hands-free doesn’t have any problem connecting or pairing; plug and play. The impedance of 33 to 100 Ω of handsfree supports the louder sound even in noisy places. These earphones have 1.1m tangles-free cable, which makes them durable. The baseus C17 is the best type c handsfree in Pakistan.

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More detail:

1. 14mm Moving coils

The broad sound field is produced by 14mm moving coils. The triple frequency is well-balanced and has a particular tone offered by polymer diaphragms.

2. Three buttons for responsive wire control

There is a multi-function button on the headphones to swap between call and music, and there are also two more buttons to volume up and down.

Specification of C17 Earphone:

Name Baseus Encok Type C lateral in-ear Wired Earphone C17
Material ABS+TPE
Wire Length 1.1m
Sound Frequency Range 20Hz-20Khz
Interface DAC Decoder Chip Type-C
Impedance 33 to 100 Ω


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