Audionic Signature S-300 Neckband


  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • IP*5 resistant
  • 10 m BT range
  • USB-C charging
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Brand  Audionic
Model  S-300
Product Type  Neckband 
USB  USB-C charging
Bluetooth  V5.0
Bluetooth range  10m
Charging time  1 hour
Play time  Upto 35 hours
Waterproof  IP*5 resistant
Noise cancellation  Yes 
Dimension  12.3*17*3.8
Battery  250 mAh

Main description 

To fit into any of your looks, the S-300 Neckband has been specially created to be attractive, smart, and classy. It looks well with business wear and even puts together nicely with a gym suit. With wireless communication provided by the Audionic Signature S-300 Neckband, you may avoid the hassles of cables and the difficulties involved in untangling and arranging them.

Even if the buds aren’t in your ears when the phone rings, this lightweight, water-resistant wireless neckband headphone will notify you with a gentle buzz. Active noise cancellation and improved sound quality with lower latency are features of Bluetooth V5.0. It is really handy to have with you everywhere you go and very simple to use. It instantly produces exceptionally high-quality sound and connects and reconnects without any problems.

For a snug and comfortable fit during runs and workouts, the Audionic Signature S-300 Neckband design is flexible. According to the Audionic Signature s300 review, these are perfect for working out because of their snug fit around the neck, but they also have sporty earbuds that provide a good grip and keep the headphones from falling out. With the help of an integrated rechargeable battery that takes 1 hour to charge, playtime is up to 35 hours. Visit our website to check the Audionic s300 neckband price in Pakistan.


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