Audionic Max 4 Sooper Price in Pakistan


  • Delivers Quality sound because of high frequency
  • 5 mm jack for device connection, like phones and computers
  • 1 Channel model consists of two speakers for high-frequency sounds as well as for low-frequency sounds
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Music lovers not only enjoy the composition of the song but also higher frequency speakers that resonate with there surroundings. Therefore, Audionic brings Audionic Max 4 Sooper Bluetooth speakers that are undoubtedly designed for music lovers.  Due to, wireless system it has attracted many customers. Similarly, Max 4 Sooper produces high-quality sounds that give your ears a soothing effect. As it is mentioned before, these are BT speakers, therefore, you can easily connect Audionic Max 4 Sooper with phones, laptops as well as computers. Furthermore, you can also play MP3 audio files directly from a USB drive because it has a USB port.

In addition to 2 satellites, speakers for high-quality frequency sounds it is also coupled with one subwoofer for low-frequency sounds. Now, you don’t even need to leave the podium for operation because the remote does everything. Necessarily, you can either listen to music at a higher pitch or at a lower one also. Because of the variety of features of the Audionic Max 4 Sooper, you can enjoy at the fullest. Subsequently, the Audionic Max series always comes with some unique features such as USB, BT Micro SD card inputs. So, these aesthetic wireless speakers are also available on the NexGen store.

Undoubtedly, NexGen is the wonderful marketplace for electronics therefore we are customers’ first choice for their desired products. As you select, meanwhile we deliver at your doorstep whether you are in-country or abroad. Thus, you trust and we deliver.


Brand Audionic
Bluetooth Built-in
Micro SD Card Supported
USB Port Available
Sub-woofer 5 inches
Satellite 3 inches × 2
Power 30 W + 15 W ×2
Remote Control
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 60 K Hz
Price 5,299 PKR.


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