Audionic Aqua neckband price in Pakistan


  • 12.3*17*3.8 dimension
  • 16 Ω impedance
  • 10mm driver
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This Audionic Aqua neckband is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use as well. The Audionic Aqua neckband price in Pakistan is reasonable on our website.

Brand Audionic
Type Neckband
Driver impedance 16 Ω
BT version V5.0
Weight 50.7 grams
Driver 10mm
Working voltage 5v
Transmission range 10m
Battery  330 mAh
Charging time 1.5 hours
Working Temperature -10° to 40°C
Water Proof IP*6 Splash resistant
Dimension 12.3*17*3.8

 Main description:

The use of Audionic bluetooth neckband has skyrocketed. These Audionic aqua neckband have Bluetooth 5.0 tuned, enabling higher transmission rates and a more reliable connection. These headphones provide fantastic stereo sound quality with powerful bass and a cutting-edge processor, the QCC 3024. USA Qualcomm offers minimal power usage and excellent audio output.

It can be worn as a necklace around your neck to lessen the strain on your ears and prevent them from dangling freely when they aren’t in use. High bass is provided by modern 10mm dynamic drive units, giving you an unmatched musical experience. The Audionic Aqua neckband price in Pakistan is reasonable on our website of NexGen shop.

The earphone is soft, flexible, and lightweight and allows you to listen comfortably for long hours. Your fingertips can operate the neckband’s controls, allowing you to play or pause music, navigate between tracks, and take or finish phone conversations. All you need to do is tap once to proceed. It comes with the dimension 12.3*17*3.8 and has noise cancellation features.

AI noise cancellation technology built into the noise-canceling neckband dynamically adjusts the microphone’s noise reduction rate while producing clear audio. The Audionic Aqua neckband supports a battery capacity of 330 mAh, and it needs 1.5 hours to charge when it’s run out of power. If you want to know the Audionic Aqua neckband price in Pakistan, visit our website.


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