Anycast M9 Plus Price in Pakistan


  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (Built-in Realtek 8188 USB WiFi Module)
  • Airplay: To support IOS airplay mirroring
  • DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance
  • Phone Model: Support Most Smartphone
  • Supports Android OS 4.2/Mac/Windows
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The anycast m9 plus is an attractive solution for a variety of systems. It’s for individuals who like plugging their numerous devices into their automobiles, laptops, or PCs. This miniature adapter allows you to take it anywhere and connect to your cellphones, headphones, computers, hard drives, and other devices without having to bring all of their cords with you.

This gadget eliminates the mess of carrying a hundred different wires on top of the items you need to move. Your bag will become a jumbled mess of cables, making it hard to remove any of them. NexGen has provided you with an anycast m9 plus to help you solve such issues, making your life simpler and removing your anxieties.

Moreover, the anycast m9 plus price in Pakistan is also quite reasonable. As a result, you may connect your gadgets without carrying many cords and enjoy many hours of work and enjoyment. Many other time-saving and straightforward devices may be found in the NexGen marketplace.

Features of Anycast m9 Plus:

High-definition image:

Support 1080P, you can connect a PC, smartphone, or iPad to a TV or projector, whatever you see on your mobile device’s display, you can mirror onto the HDTV or projector, create your own exclusive cinema, enjoy the different audio-visual feast

Broad compatibility:

Dual-core CPU, Compatible with Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows Play games or share photos and videos
with your family on the big screen, without having to huddle around the tiny screen of a mobile device. Also, support multiple formats of photos, videos, and files, out of the shackles of cable, the meeting has become intelligent and efficient

Small and light design:

Save the space so that it is portable for you to use anytime and anywhere.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Rabia gee

    AnyCast M9 Plus Wireless WiFi Display Dongle
    AnyCast M9 Plus wireless HDMI dongle has customized design which relaxes you from the tired daily life.
    With AnyCast M9 Plus, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos and movies on the best display in the house.
    I like it.Its so good Product.

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