A4TECH HS-60 Headphones Wired Over the Ear


  • Omnidirectional
  • Stereo sound
  • 5mm plug
  • Super-soft ear pads
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The A4TECH HS-60 – Wired Over the Ear – Headphones are made with amazing quality. They have stunning sound and superior comfort. With the included changeable warm fluff and cool leather ear cushions, they make wearing these headphones in winter and summer very comfortable.

Because of the superior sound quality, you get stunning sound clarity and a bass impact that you can feel. You will now be able to make clear and natural calls because of the omnidirectional noise-canceling mic. With the superior ear cushions, you will get hours of comfortable listening.

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You will also get an adjustable and lightweight headband for optimum fit and long-term comfort.


  • The A4TECH HS-60 – Wired Over the Ear – Headphones come with 2 sets of changeable ear cushions.
  • Stunning clarity and an impactful bass bring the users a superior sound quality.
  • The omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone helps lessen the sound of your surroundings for a clear and natural call.
  • You will be able to wear the headphones for hours because of the superior ear cushions.
  • The headband is extremely light in weight and adjustable.


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