A4tech FG1010 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo


  • Brand: A4Tech
  • Series: Fstyler
  • Model: FG10 + FGK10
  • Product: Mouse & Keyboard
  • Color: Black & Grey
  • Connection: 2.4GHz
  • Operating range: 10 – 15 meters
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With the advanced 2.4GHz powerful wireless connection, the A4tech FG1010 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo will work smoothly for up to 15 meters. This product comes with auto power-saving features. It has an auto 4-level power saving. It instantly puts the device in sleep mode in just 0.2s of inactivity.

The mouse also has anti-slippery sides. An anti-slipper belt design is included to provide an enhanced grip to the ergonomic and comfortable fit. It also comes with an adjustable resolution of 1000/1600/2000 DPI. Because of the extreme quality, the mouse is guaranteed to offer over 5 million clicks. There is also an on-and-off switch on the back making this wireless mouse the perfect on-the-go companion.

As for the keyboard, sleek and round-square caps are available to enhance your typing area more accurately. You get one-touch access to 12 multimedia and internet functions. You will never lose your key identity because of the laser-inscribed keys. The drain holes on the keyboard prevent the keyboard from liquid spills.

Specifications of A4tech FG1010:

  • This product comes with consistent wireless stability because of the 2.4GHz powerful wireless connection.
  • The mouse can go to sleep mode on its own with just 0.2s of inactivity.
  • With the anti-slippery side, the users get an extremely comfortable fit.
  • Because of the extreme quality, the mouse offers over 5 million clicks.
  • There is an on-and-off switch to help save battery.
  • There are round-square keycaps on the keyboard to enhance more accurate typing.
  • Laser-inscribed keys are available to help the user never lose key identity.
  • The keyboard comes in a drain-hole design to prevent liquid spills.


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