A4tech Bloody G230 Gaming Headset Price in Pakistan

Original price was: ₨5999.00.Current price is: ₨4699.00.

  • Virtual Sound
  • Neon Backlit
  • 50mm Sound
  • Rotatable Mic



Brand  A4tech bloody
Model  A4tech bloody G230 
Driver size 50mm
Sound technology 7.1 Virtual Sound
Microphone  Rotateable 
Connectivity  Wired (USB)
Compatibility  PC, Gaming laptop, Xbox, etc

Main description:

Within an affordable price, the A4tech Bloody G230 is the most featured reliable, and demanding gaming headset. When we talk about its sound quality, it delivers the voice of your gaming partner crystal-clear without background noise. A user listens to Game Buddy without any distractions. With its features and stylish look, it motivates gamers to enhance their gaming experience.

A4tech Bloody G230 has a sleek design and look that attracts the gamers most. But its customized 7-colors make it more demanding gaming headset. You can change its 7 vibrant colors according to your need. And taste, to enhance your gaming experience by looking cool.

Furthermore, A4tech Bloody G230 is here to serve you by having the most flexible cable that lets you move anywhere according to its wire length. This stress-free environment and ease provide you immersive gaming experience.

This a4tech gaming headset has a rotatable mic, that filters the voice and eliminates noise to send crystal-clear voice to your game partners. It will never miss any pick from you and ensure to send a proper message with high quality.

A4tech Bloody G230 is lightweight and you can’t even feel its existence on your head. And neck with this gaming headset. Its movable and foldable band make it more demanding, that you can move it or set it according to the shape and size of your head. A4tech Bloody G230 Gaming Headset never compromises durability and comfort, it always prioritizes its quality and security.         


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