52mm Soft Rubber Camera Lens Hood


  • Easy to Carry
  • Fit All Lens with Filter Thread.
  • To install it, simply screw it on your lens.
  • One hood for a different lens.
  • Extend it for telephoto shooting.
  • Collapse it for wide-angle shooting.
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This product is for those of you who enjoy photographing your family, friends, and locations you travel. An ideal item for you! The 52mm Soft Rubber Camera Lens Hood is the ideal partner for taking stunning and clear photographs. To begin with, it is small enough to put in a bag and travel with. It also has a lovely style that makes you want to put it front and center on your desk and your shelves.

The 3-in-1 design for use with wide-angle lenses is one of the many interesting characteristics of this 52mm Soft Rubber Camera Lens Hood. On all of your excursions, you’ll be able to take the most captivating and gorgeous photos and films. Use it in various locations around the world, as well as at home with friends and family. Second, this is the ideal camera extension for all new photographers. It’s easy to use and has a lot of unique features to help you master your art.

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  • Lens hoods reduce side glare and supplement the lens surface and ring protection offered by filters.
  • Wide-angle, normal, and telephoto zoom/non-zoom lenses are all compatible with this 3-in-1 design.
  • Protects against unexpected bumps or shock by preventing lens flare produced by stray light.
  • Before buying, double-check the lens thread size of your camera.
  • The thread size of your camera’s lens is either inscribed on the lens barrel or printed below the lens cap.
  • This number is always preceded by the sign “(diameter).
  • This hood has a long-lasting metal filter thread.
  • Fits all Nikon Canon Sigma Tamron Minolta Olympus lenses with a filter thread.
  • You may still use other filters with this hood because of the front filter thread
  • Only one hood is required for different lenses with the same filter size.
  • Hood Length is Adjustable and Collapsible
  • Adjust the length of the hood by collapsing it into three different forms.
  • Hood made of high-quality rubber that may be readily folded.
  • It’s collapsible for convenient storage and transport.

Rubber hoods are more impact-resistant and less prone to break.

Lens Rubber Hood

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    Maha malik

    I really like the fact that the larger lens hood is collapsible when on the camera, … awsome product…

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    This product is very useful I like it .

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    nice product

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